Paste Abstraction Series

Concept behind the "Paste Abstraction" Series

The first things that humans eat after birth are liquids—baby food. Eating this proves that human beings have begun to inhabit the earth as a small part of the planet’s ecosystem.
Yet, when sickness or old age draws us closer to death, we eat the same type of liquid foods once again. In this light, we can see liquid foods as a vacillating type maintaining contradictory affinities with entering and leaving the world, with both life and death. In this series, I seek to reveal the latent double meaning in liquid foods.
I treat liquid food like water sloshed out of a container, arranging it in systematic patterns of stripes and dots. I take an attitude of analytical dissection, cutting and breaking, which is the foundation of any investigation. Here, life and death take turns—or perhaps, join together as one—to alternately disappear and reappear floating to the surface.
cf. “Baby food” is a term used for the foods that infants eat, which is included in the broader category of “liquid foods.”



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