Cup Noodles Waterfall Series

Concept behind the "Cup Noodles Waterfall" Series

Cup noodles is invention of a representative meal of Japan. It is ultimate rational meal. Incorporation of a container and the food. It needs just three minutes after pouring hot water. Even if anyone makes it; the same taste. If finish eating; to a trash box. It is not exaggeration even if one says that the convenience and sense of speed changed Japanese life style itself. For example, soliterly eating, in short, it is certain that that took part in increase in eating alone. And it makes the act eating monotonous and operative. It may be said that it let expanded and transformed that the idea, what the food is. In any case, for good and bad, it keeps being consumed. Will it symbolize richness or the poverty? It is falling both endlessly and disorderly to stomach all over the world. That image is expressed with falling cup noodles like the waterfall.



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