Melting Pot Series

Concept behind the "Melting Pot" Series

When discussing the terrorist incidents are occurring frequently in recent years, it is impossible to omit the key phrase "conflicts between ethnic groups." Although a cliche, this phrase retains a certain persuasiveness. On the other hand, there are countries which are stable and prosperous despite being known as multiethnic nations, such as America, Canada, Australia and Singapore. In other words, it can be said that the true nature of the problem is not the differences between ethnic groups per se, but rather, the conflicts themselves.
This series is an attempt to question the possibility of that coexistence in the present day, where relationships between ethnic groups erupt into violence in the form of terrorism. Various different cuisines and ingredients are combined and boiled up together. For example, Cola and Sushi, Corn soup and Gummy: there are no rules or restrictions. There is no need to peruse history to find that encounters between different ethnic groups have always been accompanied by such violence. Whatever the case may be, mix everything up well, bring it to the boil, and boil it down. As the very phrase "melting pot" states, mix together the cultures and values of each different ethnic group until they dissolve. However, whether or not the result will be able to please our palates is an entirely separate question.
cf. A "melting pot" is a heat resistant container used to melt and synthesize substances. A "racial melting pot," meanwhile, is a phrase used for a city or situation in which diverse races and ethnic groups live intermingled with one another. It comes from "The Melting Pot," a play by the British playwright Israel Zangwill.



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