Pain Pain Go Away Series

Concept behind the "Pain Pain Go Away" Series

In recent times, movements against animal furs, leathers, and animal experiments have been spreading around the world. Although the animals and circumstances these groups advocate for vary, they are brought together by the common goal of understanding the pain and suffering of animals and doing something to change that.
Nevertheless, humans have continued to eat meat since primitive times. Even now, we kill enormous numbers of animals and eat them. No doubt there are some people who claim that they are not contributing to this situation because they are vegetarian. However, as long as we are human beings living on this planet, we are all equally guilty in the eyes of animals.
This series attempts to depict human contradictions towards animals. Raw meat is placed on an animal's wound and treated with a bandage. Of course it is dead and does not feel any pain. However, our feelings of "protection" towards animals are no different from childish chants of "pain, pain, go away." Is the "pain of animals" just another name for the pain we feel in our heart from our guilt?



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