Let's Eat, Everyone Series

Concept behind the "Let's Eat, Everyone" series

In 2011, protests were held in New York around the slogan of "We are the 99%" with participants aiming to "take over" Wall Street. This action was instigated out of protest towards the so-called super rich, the upper 1% of the economy who continue to possess growing assets, while the remaining 99% are left behind. 2007 data states that the super-rich control 34.6% of US assets. This uneven distribution is rapidly growing worldwide, with estimates stating that in 2016, the super-rich will grow to possess over half of the world's wealth.
Amidst this climate, calls are being made for better redistribution of wealth in order to shrink the poverty gap and alleviate social and economic problems. Today's world is too unfair and too imperfect. Yet, is it even possible to achieve a fully "perfect" and "fair" society?
This series analogizes the cutting of a cake as a metaphor for the redistribution of wealth. Let's share this cake together. Will we split it among two of us, four of us, or 100 or 1,000 of us? Just how evenly can we share wealth?



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