Homeless man at parking in LA

Writing a Draft

I had instant rice, fried chicken that I left four days ago, and spinach salad for breakfast. I was concentrating on writing a draft for a book. It was hard to construct a chapter. I worked on it for over a week but I’ve done it finally. Actually, I didn’t want to go on with …

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Biker on the footbridge in Vermont Ave in LA

Dull Day

I woke up around 8 a.m. I ordered breakfast through Grubhub. It was two eggs, bacon, and potatoes. There was a $7 discount but quality was poor. Then, I went to the rest room for over an hour. After that, I slept again until 1:30 p.m. I wrote a draft for a book and went …

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Prevent covid-19 Tree in Torrance

Picking a Webcam

I went to pick up a webcam at my company yesterday. It has been two months since I started remote work. My boss was in the office even on Saturday. I said “Ooops, it’s Saturday…” She said “I have to do things”. I regretted my comment because it was a bit like blaming. I went …

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Hang clothes in my room

Noisy Home

The Filipino family house I am renting a room in is extremely noisy for the whole day. The house is right next to a big road. Traffic never ends even at midnight. Furthermore, the TV is always too loud. Are they deaf? In addition, their speaking is annoying! That’s just perfect! This situation will be …

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Car park at Food4Less in Torrance

Shooting photos

I went out to buy instant rice packs in a supermarket during yesterday’s lunchtime. I brought my camera with a new lens. I took around 20 photos. I was able to understand how to take different photos by using lenses. Actually, I am really into the camera then I bought another lens again. It was …

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Flower and murder poster on a bus stop in Torance

Too Much Food

I went out to get breakfast last morning but I arrived at a fast-food restaurant, I was aware that I’m not so hungry. Therefore, I went to a supermarket instead. I got orange juice, rice pudding, white wine and so on. I wrote a draft for a book, painted a new artwork, and went out …

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Homeless cart in the car park in Carson

We Can’t Control

I wrote a draft for a book yesterday. I’ve reached 30,000 characters now but I have to write over 150,000 characters to publish the book. It would be a long journey but I must accomplish it. I went out to proceed with an art project. I found two homeless men easily. It was too hard …

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Olympus LS-P4 PCM Recorder

Getting Stereo Recorder

I got a good stereo recorder yesterday. Its sound is nice. I used to be particular about sound but I lost interest in it, though I wanted to record the sound clearly for an art project recently. I’m looking forward to how good the sound it could record. Anyway, I had Vietnamese beef stew for …

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View of parking space for the supermarket Food 4 Less

Going Out

I had bad feeling these days. It was due to staying home too much. Therefore, I went to a supermarket yesterday. I got 12 cans of beer, nuts and so on. There was a homeless man Mugguel in front of the supermarket. I gave him a beer can. He showed me a smile and said …

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To-go-style package Japanese bento in LA

Buying something

I don’t know why I want to buy something recently. Therefore, I have been watching amazon repeatedly. I bought a camera lens, a stereo recorder and so on for the art project. I spent about $300 on them. However, I felt empty. I know, we don’t need materialistic things but psychological things. I had Fukanoya’s …

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This is a self portrait in my room

Turn On Video Camera

I had instant noodles and sukeroku for breakfast. We have an online meeting two times a day. It’s time-wasting but we added a new regulation this Monday. Everyone has to turn on their video camera. What for? I don’t want to see colleagues and bosses face. It’s extremely stressful. I watched the news that the …

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Drug addicted homeless man in Lomita

Exhausting day

I had natto and miso soup for breakfast. In the morning, it was cloudy but in the afternoon, it became sunny. I did painting, writing until 3:30 p.m. After that, I went out to proceed with the art project. I met four homeless people who didn’t accept my offer. I was wondering if doubting each …

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This is vandalism, broken the car's front window

Happened Vandalism

My twitter friend posted an image of vandalism. His car’s front window was broken by somebody. He was depressed about it so I sent a 1000 yen amazon gift card to him. I know it was a deceptive behavior but I wanted to show my sympathy. I spent impeccable time yesterday. I did painting, writing, …

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Theft of electricity at my parents house in Hiroshima Japan

Theft of electricity

My mom sent me an image yesterday. It’s of my parents house’s outer wall. There are two portable chargers dangling from an outlet. It was clear that someone had stolen electricity from my parents’ house. My parents called the police who would take them for evidence of the crime but my dad didn’t accept their …

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Spare electric brush head philips

Getting Spare Brush

Three months passed since I got an electric teeth brush. I thought it was only one month or so, but the indicator that announces the time to change the brush head was flashing. I can’t count my brain’s time flow. I wondered we would welcome the last day of our life like this brush head. …

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Ridicurous big reusable bag

Receiving Big Bags

My roommate Kay gave me big bags yesterday. A while ago, I mentioned her bag is nice because it’s quite big so it would be fit to bring paintings. After that, she gave me the bag. Moreover, she gave me the same new bags, too. She said, “It’s not expensive, 1 or 2 dollars so …

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