Taquitos, salad, coke and kindle on the table at burgurshop

Critical Mistake.

I discussed the progress of the project with my boss at my desk’s PC yesterday. I showed him a spreadsheet then I did copy and paste but the content that I pasted was my personal memo! He read everything. I was ready to be fired. However, he didn’t say anything, it was so tense and …

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Trash cans at road side in the US Los Angeles Torrance

Day Off.

I took a day off yesterday. It’s not a paid day off because based on my visa status I don’t have such benefit. I went to a print shop. I checked a test print that I had ordered. It was fascinating. I went back home and then I had ham and eggs for brunch at …

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At Mexican Supermarket's Casher

Gentle Man

I went to a Mexican supermarket two days ago after work. I bought a bottle of red wine and soda. When I was in the queue for the cashier, the staff gave me change that must have been for the previous customer. The cashier mistook me for her husband or friend. Needless to say I …

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Apologetic letter for broken soap bottle

Broken Her Bottle.

I dropped Kay’s soap bottles the day before yesterday at my house bathroom. One of the bottle’s push nozzle was cracked. I had writing an apologetic message, in the meantime, she was back to her room. I conveyed my apologies to her directly. She said it’s okay. I had a salad bar, Chinese food, and …

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A Commemorative Photo at Taiwanese Restaurant with a Chef and a Painter

Mistake The Order

I didn’t want to do anything yesterday. I had been watching movies from afternoon until night. Then, I ordered Taiwanese food on Grubhub in the evening but I ordered it by “Pick Up”. It couldn’t change to deliver and couldn’t cancel too. I called the restaurant but he said sorry it depends on the Grubhub …

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Moutain Pass at Palos Verdes Under the fine weather

Like A Short Trip.

I met up with my American friend. He said he would pick me up at my house at 2 p.m. but he appeared at 2:40 p.m. I had been standing at the roadside for 40 minutes. During that time, I saw running cars, landscape and sky. He was astonished by my behavior but I said …

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Super Market, Torrance, 4 Less Food

Long Queue.

It was Friday, finally. The weekdays that I have to work are always long. I went to Ralphs’ supermarket again last night. I got a salad bar on the deli corner and then I wanted to buy grilled chicken but there was a long queue, so I switched to a Chinese food restaurant. I spent …

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View of Messy Table For Dinner at the Messy Room

Wrong Price Label.

I got a salad bar and grilled chicken at Ralphs. The chicken was grilled inside the supermarket, then customers order what they want to staff one by one. After that, I went to a cashier but I noticed the chicken’s price was so expensive. Even though, I got just one chicken wing that was $4.99. …

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The Japanese bento shop menu on the wall

Bento Shop

I went to a bento shop after work yesterday. I went there more than 30 times. The shop’s name is JKE, which is the abbreviation for “Japan Bento Express”. As I am Japanese, it reminds me of “JK”, the abbreviation for “Joshi-Kosei” which means high school girls in Japanese. It has a bit sexual image …

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View of a Green Plant that has a flower.

Nothing Special.

I went to work, I went back to home, I went to bed. That’s all. I’m searching some topics to write for a diary but I’m not able to find anything. Oh, there was only one thing. I gave an organic sanitizer spray to my American colleague. He was glad by the gift. By the …

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View of Japanese karaoke bar, someone drink beer on the counter in the US

Precious Night.

I met up with my American colleague yesterday. We attended mass at a Catholic church. He is not Catholic, but he is interested in Catholicism. I was glad he enjoyed the Catholic rite. After that, we went to an Irish bar, but I didn’t have ID, so we had to switch bars. We ended up …

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American View, Toilet, Roadside, Garbage

An American colleague.

There was a changing seat in my company two months ago. Then, my next seat had been a young American man. He is only a foreigner in this company. Before I came to the US, I expected my colleagues were almost all American but 99% were Japanese, so I was so disappointed. Having said that, …

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Japanese foods super market, Moving Mitsuwa Mart, Shopping

Moving Mitsuwa Mart

A Japanese foods supermarket Mitsuwa Mart will move at the end of this month. It is the nearest super market to get Japanese foods for me. I often use it after work. The location where it will move is quite far away, as I have only a bicycle, so I won’t go there anymore. I …

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Japanese Bar, Izakaya, toilet, Rest room, Beer poster

Izakaya And Ramen.

I went to an Izakaya which is close to my company. I kept a bottle so I must drink it within 3 months. I thought I had good meals for a long time. Especially, yakitori was tasty. It was $40 including tips. After that, I went to a Ramen shop which is next to the …

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Beer, Liquor, Chips, Chicken, Salad

Making a Blog.

I have planned to write an article for a blog. It is about how to enjoy drinking alcohol in the US. I got an entire grilled chicken, salad and some strong canned cocktails. I came back home then started drinking and eating them while shooting photos. However, it was against my plan because the meals …

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