Present Three set of socks from my American cowoker

Given Socks

My American coworker who was seated next to me in my office gave me a set of socks yesterday. He said, “I saw the hole in your socks also your toe appeared from it”. I knew I had terrible socks but I wondered nobody noticed such a trivia thing. His insight is astonishing. It has …

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View of cliff and ocean at USA California

Publishing project

I got an email from an editor who is working at a publishing company. We had been discussing the possibilty of publishing a book since the end of last year. He told me the company was probably able to accept publishing my book. I was really excited therefore I couldn’t sleep well. I woke up …

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View of Crosswalk Telephone Pole and Road on rainy day

Rainy and Cloudy Day

When I woke up, outside was dark yesterday. I looked out the window. The ground was wet. It was raining the whole night. I was wondering how to commute to the office. I usually commute by bike but when the weather is bad, I use taxies. I decided to go there by bike because I …

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View of California roads on Sunny day

Bad Dinner

I write the diary almost about food because I don’t have any other interesting topics. I have no choice but to write about it. I had Chinese cuisine ma-po-tofu and steam dumplings through Grubhub. I love ma-po-tofu, however, it was quite poor quality. I didn’t want to call it ma-po-tofu. It was just a cut …

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Artist's self portrait in restroom

His Mother Died

My landlord’s mother passed away yesterday. He has to go to the Philippines for her funeral. I heard that her mother had been bedridden. I had a breakfast plate at a restaurant. There were three eggs, bacon, rice, and hashbrown. It was $7 but quite heavy. The waiter sang a song to follow the BGM. …

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The big omlet and Spanish rice at breakfast restaurant in the US

American Breakfast.

I went to a breakfast restaurant yesterday morning. I had a vegetable omelet. I requested to change bread into rice. The omelet was quite big. I wondered whether they used three or four eggs for it. I brought packed cabbage from my house then I had it with the omelet. I painted the whole day …

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All You Can Eat at Korean Sushi Restaurant

All You Can Eat.

I applied the request sheet for a day off to my boss. I have to take a day off because I am going for a trip to Arizona next month. After work, I went to a Korean Sushi restaurant. I have been interested in “All You Can Eat” for a long time. Finally, I ordered …

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Dropped bread at whole foods Supermarket in Los Angeles

An Usual Day

I worked for eight hours and went back home. I wrote a blog and ordered Vietnamese food during lunchtime through Grubhub. It was $15 including a $4 discount. I only have a meal for a day. Therefore, I want to spend money on dinner more than an average person. I think Vietnamese food is fit …

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View of parking at company complex in Torrance

Eating Tsukemen

I had gyoza, fried rice, and Tsukemen last night through Grubhub. I spent $20 on it. I think it was the third time to have Tsukemen in my life. I added dried seaweed that I stocked in my house. It was too much to eat for me but I wanted to do stress eating. By …

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The dead pigeon under the tree

Rejected Proposal.

I got an email that was the review of my earlier proposal. It was rejected. I didn’t notice how big the expectation that I had for it. I was disappointed but I have to accept the result. I want to believe that God gives me the best way every time. I never know his mysterious …

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Japanese Breakfast these are Miso soup, rice and a grilled salmon

Breakfast Meeting.

The new month has started so I had to attend the breakfast meeting. Therefore, I had to wake up an hour earlier than usual. Needless to say, I hate it so much. I got VR goggles through amazon for about $30. I thought it was a kind of toy but it is amazing regardless of …

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An Electric Toothbrush Philips Sonicare Pink color

Electric Toothbrush.

I got an electric toothbrush yesterday through Amazon. This was the first time to buy and to use it. It was excellent. I didn’t know how effective it is to clean with the vibration to my teeth. I had a photo shoot behind the supermarket “Food 4 Less”. I used CBD oil and green colored …

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Selling Beef Jerkys at The US Convenience Store

Dental Floss.

I read a book about how to maintain your teeth. Then, I started to use dental floss every time. Also, I quit using toothpaste because saliva is better than it. I want to keep my teeth in the best condition until the end of my life. The way will affect my whole body health. I …

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A Bicycle at Shopping Mall in Torrance

Contacting a Gallery

I sent a proposal to the gallery. I had a presentation of the gallery over 10 years ago. Therefore it was the second trial to appeal my work to them. I hope they would accept my proposal. I had a tomato pasta, chips and salad for dinner last night. It was the first time to …

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The Traffic Accident at Torrance

Traffic Accident

I witnessed a traffic accident last night. It wasn’t serious but three cars were involved in the accident. I took a photo of it. I know it was a bad attitude. I bought a CBD oil for my art. It was $64. I had a fish plate for dinner. There were many options for fish. …

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The Package From Japan to USA

Arrived Sweet Buns

I asked to send Sweet Buns that are famous in my original city Hiroshima. It is called Momiji Manju. My mother said I can send them but it will be delayed because of the Coronavirus. She got this information from the Post office. I said it’s okay because I will not eat them, I will …

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The Cannabis Sweet Bun paintings of Giclee

Sending Art

I went to the USPS during lunchtime to send digital artwork prints from the US to Japan yesterday. I thought that shipping will be delayed because of Coronavirus but the staff didn’t mention it. I spent about $64 on it. I had a Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Recently I often have it because it is …

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The blue bed sheet was tore

Lazy Life.

I had a Salmon Plate for lunch yesterday through Grubhub. There was a $7 discount so I spent $10 on it. It was nice so I had a beer too. I took two classes of online English lessons. After that, I went to a supermarket. I got a bottle of wine, ice, fizz water. I …

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Big American Sandwich

American Sandwich.

I ordered “L.A. County Breakfast Torta” for lunch through Grubhub. It was depicted as “scrambled egg, beans, onions” or so. Therefore, I thought it’s kind of a combo meal but it was just a sandwich. These ingredients were only in a sandwich. I couldn’t believe such preparation as I’m a Japanese. It was $10. I …

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