Done a Week

It was a hectic week. I am counting to go back to Japan every day. I told my colleague that I have only three months to work in this company. He was astonished because he didn’t know that. I am completely satisfied with living in the US. Also, I am feeling exhausted. My elder sister …

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Down My Website

My main website, the inclusion of this page was down due to domain trouble yesterday. I contacted the server’s support team in the morning from California but in Japan standard time was midnight. I had to wait for over eight hours. I was frustrated during that time because if the person who will be a …

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Taking a Day Off

I woke up at 7 a.m. last morning. I felt dull to go to work. I was considering what I should do for an hour. Finally, I sent a message to take a day off to my boss. I ordered eggs and chorizo breakfast through Grubhub. It was only $7 with a discount. I wrote …

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A tiring day

I didn’t want to go work yesterday but I went out of a feeling of responsibility. After arriving at the office, I regretted coming to work. I thought I had to follow my desire. I am working harder than before because I am preparing to be a freelancer. So, my current work would be pre-practice. …

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Didn’t Go Anywhere

It was a weekend. I stayed at home both Saturday and Sunday. I used a laptop for over 8 hours _ each day. Some people don’t like sitting at a desk and do work. Due to types of character. I had leftover bento with natto and tofu for breakfast. As for dinner, I had pad-thai. …

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The king of Fukunos Japanese bento in LA. This is truly authentic Japanese bento. I really respect the restaurant.

Fantastic Bento in LA

My company’s president gave to employees Fukuno Japanese restaurant’s bento for lunch yesterday. I usually don’t eat lunch so I brought it back home then I had it for dinner. It was the best quality of bento in the US, definitely. Various types of dishes are concentrated into only one bento box. It was the …

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Coronvirus tastes painting on the wall in Torrance-

Developping Web Site

I developed the new website for the whole day yesterday. I lost the passion to proceed with an art project because the coronavirus outbreak situation is getting better day by day. It’s hard to find a serious atmosphere in society recently. I believe that we should follow our desire and do what we want right …

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Getting IPA beer

I don’t have suitable things to write for a diary. I took photos during my commute to work. I had encountered a hard problem. I’ve doubted about my web development skill set. Is this job fit for my character? After work, I went to a supermarket. I got 12 bottles of IPA beer and a …

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Torrance Ajido Japanese Restaurant's to go Tenshin han

100 more days

I’ve enjoyed living in the US very much but I don’t want to live there anymore. I’m sure, the US’ life is different from my expectation. I had a plan to apply for a green card, but now, I don’t have interest in it. I’m considering what is the best way for my life. By …

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view of cat in the morning at Torrance city

A Long Work Week

Finally, I finished a week. It was the first week back to the normal working style. I’m sure commuting by bike is good for my health but it’s dull also. I bought a steak bento from my company’s supplier restaurant. They gave us a big discount. We were able to get a $16 bento for …

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Finishing Moving a Server

Finally, I’ve completed moving servers. There were many hard problems but it was a useful experience for me. My websites’ access speed has improved clearly. Furthermore, the cost of running websites is the same as the old one approximately. I talked about taking over of my tasks to my boss yesterday. I told him I’m …

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Loose Curfew

I was taking photos during my commute to my office in the morning. My photo skills have improved gradually. There was curfew again but it wasn’t so strict. It was from 10:00 p.m. to 6 a.m. I ordered Fukanoya’s bento, but, shortly thereafter, they called me. They can’t take my order because their business hours …

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Curfew Again

I got an emergency message from LA county. They were ordering curfew again. We had to leave an office around 5:30 p.m. During lunchtime, I went to USPS to return an item that I bought on Amazon about two months ago. A clerk asked me to put an invoice on your mail properly. I had …

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Emergency curfew

I went back to normal to work yesterday. I brought a desktop computer to my office, so I had to take a taxi. An American colleague said my hair was getting long. In the afternoon, county-of-LA announced a curfew from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. due to riot. Therefore, we had to go back home …

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