Tomoni Shintaku

Contemporary Japanese artist based in Los Angeles. I’ve learned at an Art College and Culinary Institute. I attempt to connect ART and FOOD.

Paintings in amazon packages at the USPS in LA

Sending packages

I would have gone to Arizona state if the coronavirus pandemic hadn’t happened yesterday. Therefore, I took a day off. I sent two packages that were in paintings. One was sent to Tokyo and the other to Hiroshima. These cost $87 and $164. They were not as expensive as I had thought. After that, I …

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Discount coupon with cookie for effect of after coronavirus

Productive Sunday

I packed paintings for shipping and I made new paintings yesterday. After that, I went out to proceed with my hamburger project. I bought a burger at a McDonald’s. There were plastic boards in front of the casher to prevent spreading the coronavirus but the atmosphere was tense. I found three homeless people but I …

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Hamburger paintings, Cutting canvas

Published New Work

I finished my new paintings yesterday. I made the making-of-it video, then I uploaded it on Youtube. After that, I had announced the publication of my work on SNS. I got quite good reputation about it. Furthermore, one of the persons who love art wanted to buy my painting. It is not so cheap because …

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Packed paintings with amazon's cardboard for shipping

Packing Paintings.

It was Friday. This week was too long to deal with me. I packed my paintings to send to Tokyo for the group show at lunchtime yesterday. I might the show will be canceled due to the effects of the coronavirus but the gallerist will cope to it by postpone. I had gyoza, fried rice, …

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The view of the window from my room in the morning

Staying Home and Working

It was the day 2 that I was starting to work at home. Again, I couldn’t understand my company’s remote work style. Furthermore, nobody say any opinions about this unproductive and irrational situation. Anyway, I confirmed the possibility to hold the exhibition. In Tokyo, the effect of the coronavirus is increased on the day. The …

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Do remote work at the messy room

Starting Remote Work

I have begun working at home. It is due to the lockdown in LA. First of all, my room is too messy to work in, so it was not comfortable. Furthermore, my company policy is extremely ridiculous because we have to have meetings two times a day. It is just chatting, not productive time. Though, …

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Mixed Garbage bin in Los Angeles California

Leaving The Office

Due to starting remote work at my home, I brought back to my desktop from there yesterday. Mr. Matono who is a coworker picked me up in his car this morning and evening, too. Therefore, I was able to save my money to use taxi. My desktop was quite heavy. I had Middle Eastern food …

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A Working place, there is desktop at the office in Torrance

Our Days

I took an English lesson last night. The teacher who is Philippino. I told him my anxiety about under effect of the coronavirus situation. He said you should keep positive because fear is more dangerous than it. I usually don’t care such an easy going mind but, I’m not sure I felt it makes me …

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The organ is on the roadside in Carson city LA California

My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday, in Japan time. In LA local time, it wasn’t my birthday. I became 38 years old. I have to call it middle age. Well, I couldn’t imagine, when I became 38, I would live in the US and eat hamburgers with homeless people. It’s not so bad, but it’s not …

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Caution of coronavirus poster at restaurant in the US

Invisible Enemy

The situation of coronavirus is getting worse. I canceled my trip to Arizona state next week. I am really sorry I can’t go there but I will get a refund for the cost. My company distributed the letter which explains what is our duty. It is written we should do essential work. In case a …

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The Mexican supermarket under coronavirus in California

Keep Distance

The US government has announced “keep distance of six feet each other”. This is catchphrase these days. I went to a Mexican supermarket yesterday. At the supermarket, there is a cross tape on the floor in front of the cashers. This indicates a distance of 6 feet. Every shop staff wears a plastic glove. I …

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Broken shoes removed sole

Broken my shoes

Suddenly, my shoe’s sole removed last evening. It was given by my best friend around five years ago. I wanted to repair it but I didn’t have any glues. I talked with Eri last night. I had an English lesson but I cancelled it because if I missed the chance to talk to her, I …

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Under construction building in Los Angeles California

Took a day off.

When I woke up, I had a headache and felt dull yesterday. I wondered if it was because I was getting coronavirus or it was stress from work. In any case, I wasn’t able to go to work. I sent an email to my company to tell them that I’d take a day off. After …

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Tresure Box,Ttelevison on the Road side

Anger Woman

I got a good reputation about my video on youtube. A woman who is clever gave me a nice comment about English in the video. I ordered Korean stir-fried glass noodles with rice. It was nice, but the person who delivered it asked “don’t you pay tip?”. I said no because I thought delivery service …

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Japanese Sushi Chirash on the messy desk

Curfew And Next

People can’t go out for unnecessary things since yesterday in the whole of California due to coronavirus. Non-essential jobs have to close their companies. My company had announced, “we do essential work” yesterday morning. That’s a ridiculous statement because if our job is essential, there are no non-essential jobs. What the hell. I had premium …

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Empty display in the US supermarket due to coronavirus

A Worthy Pandemic

The Los Angeles mayor has announced “safer at home”. It’s like a curfew. We won’t be able to go out at night. We shouldn’t go out for inessential matters. I’m sure it would be a good way to prevent spreading COVID-19 but this situation makes me anxious. I’m alone abroad. I’d like to talk to …

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