Big cactuses have flowers in California

Life Is Work

Human life isn’t interesting. We work, work, and work day by day. One of my colleagues left the office earlier due to her illness. It’s no wonder because she does overtime work usually. People say, we have to work, and we need money to live. Is that true? What do we get more? We already …

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American home and yard in Torrance

Busy Days

I am so overworked these days. It is so stressful. I don’t want to say it but every one should go to hell immediately. I had a Mexican dish for dinner last night. It was like Japanese cuisine. The Japanese one is minced meat inside a bell pepper but the one I ate was full …

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a Cockroach on the rug

A Cockroach Appeared

A cockroach appeared when we forgot they existed. It happened last Sunday afternoon. I wiped the wet floor, then it appeared suddenly. I literally screamed. I hit it with a towel, then I threw it in the garbage. After that, a small cockroach appeared again. I screamed and hit it again, but it was just …

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Sleeping Homeless woman at the car park in Torrance

It was July 4th.

There were numerous fireworks yesterday. The sound of the fireworks didn’t end even at midnight. I have to say Americans are crazy. Grubhub provided a great deal that offered a $7 discount for to-go customers. Furthermore, there wasn’t any limit. I ordered dishes from three restaurants. I spent over $40 on them, but I paid …

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the Robert E. Ryan Community Park

A Company Event

I went to the Robert E. Ryan Community Park yesterday. My two colleagues picked me up in his car at my home. It was sunny. We went to a cake shop because one of my colleagues had a birthday. When I watched the scenery outside the window, I noticed my American life was different from …

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Colorful blanket on the fence

It was a happy Thursday

This Friday is a holiday because this Saturday is a public holiday in the US so this Friday was also made a holiday. I had a lot of trouble with my work yesterday. I’m very busy these days. My company’s president provides a Yakiniku bento($16) to all of the employees for lunch. I didn’t eat …

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No Event to Write

My daily life is quite boring these days, so it’s hard to write a diary. When I lived in Tokyo, I had events more like meeting friends, participating in a book club, and so on. But now, I’m feeling like a machine as I’m working, eating, and sleeping. I was invited to a BBQ party …

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Biker on the road

Why does Monday exist?

I feel very down on every Monday, like “Monday come again”. It was Monday. I went to work halfheartedly. I ordered hainan fried chicken for dinner. There was $5 discount so I got it at $8. It was bad. I regret my choice. I wanted to reduce the food cost because I bought books too …

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Homeless woman stand on the road side in Los Angeles

Throw away a Sunday

Grubhub provides a crazy offer of free breakfast under $10. However, the offer is only for the to-go service. Therefore, I went to Carl’s Jr hamburger shop. I got a burger and a salad. After that, I saw some homeless people under cloudy weather. I spent a whole day setting up a computer. Finally, I …

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Cannabis shop's customer line in Los Angels under effects of the coronavirus

Silent Friday

Friday is called “Happy Friday”, but, Friday is just Friday these days. I don’t have any plans. I have to spend time by myself. Even though, everyone is getting older day by day. I want to have a drinking party. I saw the tweet that mentioned me. She said, “he is the biggest influence in …

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Finger drawing that love joel on the car windows


Recently, I had a bad feeling in the morning especially, just after waking up is awful. Yesterday, I had a headache so I took ibuprofen. I worked with a halfhearted attitude. I don’t care about everything related to work. I had Fukanoya’s fish grilled bento, sauteed shishito pepper and edamame for dinner. I used a …

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Cold ramen, fried chicken and white rice

Have a Little Chat

The US government have been stopped to issue visas for foreigners. If I had a choice to go to the US this year, I wouldn’t go. I don’t know if I have luck or bad luck. I had a little chat with my colleague after work. She was going to take her car. We talked …

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Searching Worth to Live

When I was a college student, I considered why I should live my life every day. These days, I’m considering it again. I have a dream but I have to earn money from something. This “something” is the most important problem. There are a lot of due dates in my business so I’m stressed. I …

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A Bad Day

I felt sick yesterday. My head and eyes were heavy so I wanted to take a day off but I had a lot of work that was due for submission. I’ve decided that I won’t work for a year after I go back to Japan. I feel really exhausted. These days, my daily life is …

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Waste a Time or What?

I tried to build a local development environment on my laptop but I wasn’t able to make it. I searched many articles to solve it. The computer setting is time consuming completely. I have to do that but my skill is not so good. My Sunday had gone by fixing the computer. I felt a …

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Proceeding with My Plan

I read web design-related books and I made a website for a whole day. Actually, I have to write texts for a book but now, my interest is into web development. I had Mexican soup for breakfast. It contained chicken hand, liver, intestine, and so on. It was tasty but looked scary. I ordered cream …

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Done a Week

It was a hectic week. I am counting to go back to Japan every day. I told my colleague that I have only three months to work in this company. He was astonished because he didn’t know that. I am completely satisfied with living in the US. Also, I am feeling exhausted. My elder sister …

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