Lost a Package

Lost a Package

I got a message on Twitter from a friend who lives in Seatle. I sent a package with paintings but it didn’t arrive yet. I sent it over a month ago. I lost the receipt that I sent the package. I have no choice but to go to the post office and make an inquiry. I have no hope left. Where is my package? I had bibimbap for dinner again. It was $7 with a $7 discount. When I left my office, I got a message. It is said that there will be a small birthday party for my colleague after work. I didn’t want to join it so I left as usual.

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Recorded on yesterday of 08/29/2020

Notes in Japanese


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Contemporary artist / WEB designer (WEB design business: SHINTAKU。) based in Los Angeles. I’ve learned at an Art College and Culinary Institute. I attempt to connect ART and FOOD.

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