Strict or Loose

Strict or Loose

Have you ever heard of ‘certificate of delay’?
I thought this was global standard before I have moved abroad.
No way, it is pretty strange, Japan’s culture.

You know, Japanese is strict about time.
Therefore, if you go to work by train which is delayed, you should take a ‘certificate of delay’ from train company. Then you have to submit it to your office even though you were only 5 minutes! Do you think it too strict?

Meanwhile, as you know, Japan’s company often make employees work overtime.
However, something that is like a ‘certificate of overtime’ is not provided even if it is more than 5 hours! Do you think it too loose?

Why? Is Japanease split mind? I don’t know although I’m Japanese myself. Basically, culture is a mystery.

Tomoni Shintaku

Contemporary Japanese artist based in Los Angeles. I’ve learned at an Art College and Culinary Institute. I attempt to connect ART and FOOD.
Tomoni Shintaku

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