Shape of faith

Shape of faith

I participate in catholic activities.
Lately, I feel that they are sharp.
What does sharp mean? Wait, I will explain it.

Most Japanese people don’t have a specific religion. They accept diverse gods.

I feel that they are not sharp. They are the opposite, rather round.

It is similar, between the parents who are having one child and parents who are having many children.

Parents who are having one child can concentrate attention, money, education and more to the child. But parents who are having many children have to divide it.

You know, Christian God is the only one. Christian faith is absolutely concentrated. In the end, they are sharp.

I don’t want to claim. It is not a problem. It is neither good nor bad.
I just merely think so.

Tomoni Shintaku

Contemporary Japanese artist based in Los Angeles. I’ve learned at an Art College and Culinary Institute. I attempt to connect ART and FOOD.
Tomoni Shintaku

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