My art appeared in the British art magazine “Murze Issue Six”

My artworks has been introduced in the “Murze Issue” as a spread!

Murze Issue Six
Only the above page of PDF(961KB)

There it includes artist’s interviews. I answered ten interesting questions for example below:

・Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your work
After completing art school, I graduated from culinary school and became a certified chef. I now put the experience I have gained from both fields to use in creating works of art with food as their theme. My works feature unaltered foods that are actually prepared for consumption. I take photos of them as a reference. For example, for one of my most notable works, “Let’s Eat, Everyone” Series, I would purchase an entire cake for each work, and then turn it into a composition. I don’t reuse subject matter either, I only employ them once. I consider this act to be an important component in my works, as it functions as a record, while also serving as my answer to the questions of particularity and originality as they pertain to art.

・What do you believe is the role artists should play in communities and society
To continue to be something that society considers as frivolous or even unnecessary. I honestly think an artist needs to be seen as someone who has a few loose screws. The world definitely needs people like that.

You can buy the magazine in the following link:

Murze Issue Six

Murze Issue Six(Download Edition)

I hope you can enjoy it.
Thank you.

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