The that

“Can you get that for me?”.
“That is interesting, isn’t it?”
These are an example of a typical conversation in Japan.

It is hard to understand the expression ‘that’? But I will try to explain.

Most Japanese have a skill of mind reading.
It is called ‘Sontaku’ in Japanese.
‘Sontaku’ is very important in Japan.
If a person is not good when it comes to ‘Sontaku’, he/she is said to be incompetent.

Let’s check in a Japanese meeting.
There are some things that might confuse you.
Their expressions are vague, further more 99% of the expressions that they use starts with the word ‘that’.

I do not tell a lie. Listen, do you think how I was born?

One day, “Honey how about let us do ‘that’ tonight?” My dad said, my mom agreed and right after that I was born.
Surely, ‘that’ is true.

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