The god of ordinary

Japanese think that ‘futsū’ is important.
‘futsū’ means normal, ordinary and average in Japanese.

Also, ‘futsū’ has a great power in Japan.
I will provide an example; women often say “I can not wear a mini skirt.”
Please pay attention, this issue is not ‘a choice’, this issue is ‘a qualification’.

Why not? She thinks that plump ladies must not wear it.
If the woman who wears a mini skirt is chubby, it is not thought to be ‘futsū’.
In short, it is not her own choice. It is like a compelling, or rather it is a silent pressure. ‘futsū’ makes them to obey discipline.

Hence, it is similar with god. Because, god’s dignity and force absolutely depend on silence.
I see why Japanese do not believe in Christianity. You see, Christianity population is only 1% in Japan.
No wonder, they already have the god of ‘futsū’. They think that just one god is enough for them.

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