Moutain Pass at Palos Verdes Under the fine weather

Like A Short Trip.

I met up with my American friend. He said he would pick me up at my house at 2 p.m. but he appeared at 2:40 p.m. I had been standing at the roadside for 40 minutes. During that time, I saw running cars, landscape and sky. He was astonished by my behavior but I said waiting is a philosophical thing. We went to San Pedro, Palos Verdes. There was a nice ocean view. We walked around there. After sunset, the full moon was big. We went to brewer then had a hot dog. I had four types of small beer but he drunk orange juice because he had to do homework. He suggested taking me to my house, but I didn’t accept it. I said “Time is money. You should do homework”. We left there before 8 p.m.

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