there are a green glass, laid people, view of swimming lake in the Netherlands

Going Swimming

I went back to sleep, so I woke up before 10am. Around noon, Jan asked me to go out swimming. We visited a lake, Zwaansmeer in Uitgeest by bicycle. Jan’s grandchildren came then; there were 6 people, Jan, Janin, Julie, Sophi(a girl of about 6 or 7 years old), Julio?(a 10-year-old boy), and me. We were able to reach there after about 30 minutes. The lakewater looked dirty but there were a lot of people enjoying swimming there. In the first place, I was not going to swim, but if I had a swimsuit, I was still not going to swim. I walked around the lake by myself. It took about 20 minutes. We left there after 5pm, but my bicycle had gotten a flat tire for some reason. Jan suggested that they go back home, and that he bring me back by car, and in the meantime, I could enjoy a drink somewhere. I agreed with him. I visited a restaurant by a harbor. I had 2 glasses of beer and fries. The bill came to 12.75EUR. Jan came back in an hour. We carried the bicycle in the Toyota car. We came back home before 8pm. I had miso-flavored smoked mackerel and spaghetti for dinner. I fell asleep around midnight. I feared the next day because it was the day after a few days off.

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Contemporary artist / Web Developer (CEO at SHINTAKU LLC) based in the Netherlands. I’ve learned at an Art College and Culinary Institute. I attempt to connect ART and FOOD.

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