Each time, each place

I have lived in Singapore. This country does not have four seasons. On the contrary, it has just one season. Here is always summer.

I will compare Japan and Singapore. As well all know, Japan has four seasons. I think that Japan is a circle, Singapore is a line. Circle means it is dynamic and circulative while line means static and straight.

Therefore, I often forget which month and day it is now. So, I feel that these days are like eternal. So I’m not getting any older and I will never die.
I know that it is of course not, just fantasy.

However, is the speed of time goes completely the same as each place in the world? Furthermore, if I may say, is each planet in the outer space the same?

Possibly, when I will be coming back to Japan, everyone I knew is already gone.
Is that ridiculous? It is the similar said that by Einstein’s Theory of relativity though.

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