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ART DIS FOR is the art unit was united by Shijyu Higuchi and Tomoni Shintaku in 2007. The mark is (4).

ART DIS FOR means Disrespect for ART . We mixed Disrespect and Art because we question what art is from bad word and magnificient word.

We produce arts of painting also our theme is offense basically. we express offence by many ways. for instance we have fired our arts through difiant and study without stereotype. Lately we created "opinion" was mixed the realistic glasses and the oral cavity which is out of focus.

we have planned an exhibition like high artistic "Opinion" and installated "KUTABARE Tokyo University"
Please enjoy our ARTS!


Tomoni Shintaku
I was born in Hiroshima , Japan in 29th march 1982.
I like anything strong.
I dont like low talented people.

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Shijyu Higuchi
I was born in Fukuoka , Japan in 22nd Oct 1981.
I like Alcohole.
I dont like nagative arts.

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